Top 1 % AI Marketer series: What will You Learn?

"Top 1% AI Marketer" series is tailored for ambitious marketers eager to excel in a hyper-automated landscape. The series is designed to tackle 3 types of skills, enabling marketers to differentiate in an over-crowded and commodified digital marketing space. SEO for Google's Search Generative Experience: Dive into optimizing Generative AI Models through Prompting, Tuning, and Retrieval-augmented generation. Master the key factors for ranking in Google's SGE and learn to influence SGE Snapshot results. Developing Generative AI Apps Without Writing a Single Line of Code: Utilize Google's Vertex AI Generative AI Studio to create cutting-edge Generative AI applications, optimizing parameters, and mastering no-code development. Developing AI Algorithms Without Writing a Single Line of Code: Leverage the same platform to develop sophisticated Machine Learning applications. Learn about different AI algorithms, and optimization, and navigate Google's Vertex AI for no-code algorithm creation. We designed this series as a gateway to becoming a top-tier AI marketer in today's competitive digital marketing world.

Why Learn with Pufferr?

Top Marketers are by default anxious about the lightning-fast changes in digital marketing, the looming threat of automation, and the fear of becoming is this mindset that makes them stay on top of their game. The "Top 1% Marketer Series" were designed to tackle these topics straight-on. In this comprehensive programs, we empower you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to stay relevant in the age of hyperautomation and commodification. Our 6 cutting-edge courses, covering consumer psychology, real-world digital marketing tools, disruptive marketing trends, and AI, are meticulously designed to equip you for the future. Say goodbye to marketing noise – we offer transparent, value-packed insights from our multi-award-winning agency.

Top 1 % Disruptive Marketer series: What will You Learn?

In our "Top 1% Disruptive Marketer series," you'll embark on a transformative journey through three cutting-edge courses. First, explore the depths of human decision-making in "Marketing & Consumer Psychology," unveiling 40+ biases that unlock the secrets of consumer behavior. Next, in "Digital Marketing & AI Tools," gain transparent insights into the tools utilized by our multi-award-winning agency, free from fluff and affiliate marketing noise. Finally, "Disruptive Digital Marketing" immerses you in the future of the industry, addressing trends like SEO, Mixed Reality advertising, and Generative AI. This exclusive series caters to driven marketers, offering unparalleled value, empowering you to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.


  • Why is this advanced course FREE?

    Look, let's be completely transparent here. We're not in the business of training, and we don't have any plans to venture into it. Our core expertise lies in being a digital growth agency, and we excel at driving results for our clients. What we're offering is an opportunity to access cutting-edge digital marketing knowledge without breaking the bank. Our aim is to make this high-quality training accessible to forward-thinking marketers like you, minus any vague theories or time-consuming fluff. And as an added bonus, while you enhance your marketing skills, you'll discover that our course is remarkably affordable. In the process, if you ever find that your company could benefit from the services of a multi-award-winning agency like ours, well, let's have a conversation! It's a win-win scenario: you become a more proficient marketer, and we potentially gain a valuable new client. It's as straightforward as that.

  • Who is this course for?

    Regardless of your experience level, the "Top 1% Marketer Series" offers immense value. Beginners and intermediate-level marketers will gain insights that 99% of their peers might not even know, let alone apply consistently in their campaigns. Meanwhile, experienced marketers can expect significant additions to their already robust skillset. Our course is a game-changer for marketers at every stage of their career, providing unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

  • Are you great speaker?

    Hell... no!!! I managed huge hotels and businesses, won international awards, acted as a judge in a variety of award ceremonies, and talk to huge brands/clients every day. And yet, I absolutely hate it being on camera. But, if you manage to overcome some of my delivery (I promise I got better as we were shooting the course) will become a much better marketer. This, I am confident of.