1. 4 Factors to Optimise your Generative AI Application

    1. Creating a google Cloud Account

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What will You Learn?

Dive into the world of machine learning without coding, using Google's Vertex AI AutoML. You'll learn to build models for image classification, outcome prediction, sentiment analysis, and more. All while understanding the core components of AI: data, algorithms, and infrastructure. We simplify complex terms into easy language and give you hands-on experience with Google’s Vertex AI, developing applications from text analysis to emotion recognition. Plus, apply real-world scenarios using a dataset from Google Analytics to predict key metrics affecting SEO performance. This course is a game-changer for marketers eager to harness AI's potential without the technical barrier. Step into the future of marketing – no coding skills required!

About our Top 1% Series

The course is designed around 4 specific goals:

Learn how to build machine learning models using Google's Vertex AI AutoML, without writing any code. 1. Building Machine Learning Models: Master the art of creating models for image classification, outcome prediction, sentiment, and video analysis. 2. Understanding AI Components: Delve into the essentials of AI, including data, algorithms, and compute infrastructure. 3. Demystifying AI Terminology: We make complex AI concepts and jargon easily understandable, bringing clarity to the world of algorithms. 4. Hands-on Experience with Google's Vertex AI: Learn to leverage this powerful tool to develop state-of-the-art algorithms for text, image, and emotion classification.

Your Instructor

Constantin is the multi-award winning Chief Digital Officer @ Pufferr. With an impressive academic background, Constantin holds not one, but three Master's degrees, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and mastery of diverse fields. His expertise extends beyond traditional realms as he also boasts a Diploma in VR & Game Development. Constantin's commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital landscape is exemplified by his completion of the prestigious Disruptive Digital Marketing Program at the University of Oxford.