SEO for Google's SGE + Developing Generative AI apps without a single line of code

This exclusive bundle of two courses is designed for forward-thinking professionals looking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape, marked by hyperautomation and commodification. Learn how Generative AI works, and how to optimize LLM models and limitations. Explore the main factors for Google's Search generative Experience, and optimization approaches - a crucial skill for ranking. Learn to create advanced AI applications without coding using Google’s Vertex AI. This bundle equips you with future-proof techniques in an increasingly automated digital landscape, making it an essential toolkit for any forward-thinking marketer.

Your Instructor

Constantin is the multi-award winning Chief Digital Officer @ Pufferr. With an impressive academic background, Constantin holds not one, but three Master's degrees, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and mastery of diverse fields. His expertise extends beyond traditional realms as he also boasts a Diploma in VR & Game Development. Constantin's commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital landscape is exemplified by his completion of the prestigious Disruptive Digital Marketing Program at the University of Oxford.

What will You Learn?

Unlock the future of digital marketing with our exclusive bundle: "SEO for Google’s SGE" and "Developing No-Code Generative AI Apps." Dive into the realm of Google's advanced SEO techniques, mastering the art of AI model optimization, and learn to influence SGE rankings. Simultaneously, embrace the power of no-code solutions with Google’s Vertex AI, creating innovative AI applications without a coding background. This dual-course bundle is tailored for the visionary marketer eager to lead in an automated, competitive landscape, offering the tools and knowledge to not just adapt, but excel.