Disruptive Digital Marketing + Marketing Psychology

Crafted for all forward-thinking marketers, this cutting-edge combo is your key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. In "Marketing & Consumer Psychology," master the art of influencing decisions by unraveling 40+ human biases. Then, in "Disruptive Digital Marketing," stay ahead of the curve with insights into the future of SEO, Paid, Mixed Reality advertising, Generative AI & more. We look forward to seeing you inside the courses, to secure your spot at the forefront of digital marketing innovation.

Your Instructor

Constantin is the multi-award winning Chief Digital Officer @ Pufferr. With an impressive academic background, Constantin holds not one, but three Master's degrees, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and mastery of diverse fields. His expertise extends beyond traditional realms as he also boasts a Diploma in VR & Game Development. Constantin's commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital landscape is exemplified by his completion of the prestigious Disruptive Digital Marketing Program at the University of Oxford.

What will You Learn?

In our bundle of two courses, you'll gain invaluable insights and skills to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. "Marketing & Consumer Psychology" unveils the intricacies of human decision-making, exploring 40+ biases and how marketers can leverage them effectively. "Disruptive Digital Marketing" propels you into the future with discussions on SEO, Paid Search, Mixed Reality advertising, Generative AI, and more. It's a unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of digital marketing, making you a more adept and forward-thinking marketer. Join us in this journey of continuous learning and innovation to remain competitive in the dynamic digital world.